School Uniform


Thank you to Emily, Gracie and Sonny for having their photos taken!

  • School jumper or cardigan (we provide everyone with 1 free jumper at the start of each new academic year)
  • White polo shirt
  • Grey or black trousers OR a grey or black skirt OR a grey or black pinafore dress
  • Red school dress
  • Plain black shoes

NO coloured trainers, jogging bottoms, leggings or hoodies.

Thank you to Callum, Mia, Lexi and Aiden for having their photos taken!

  • Plain white t-shirt
  • Black shorts (or jogging bottoms in the winter)
  • Plimsols or trainers

NO football kits or other branded items.

Uniform Supplier

There is no expectation that you purchase school jumpers/cardigans with the school’s logo on. Plain jumpers and cardigans are absolutely fine! However, if you do wish to purchase additional items that do have the school logo embroidered on them, these can be purchased directly from Logo To Go, within Charles Dickens, Tower Street, Hartlepool.


You can place an order at the school office too.